Friday, January 23, 2009

And so it begins.....

I try to keep my blog goofy, funny, or at least somewhat entertaining.
I do so becuase that's what I look for in a blog. I figure if you want to get depressed or hear news there are plenty of other places to find that kind of info. But this really got to me, so I wanted to share....

I just read this article on Fox News.
It appears to me that within the first few days of Obama's presidency the largest news stories about him have beeen that he's stopped the 9/11 war crimes trials, stopped torture of any kind for information from terrorists, and now has authorized MY tax dollars to support international groups that provide or encourage abortions.

I'm concerned about the decisions our president is making.
- 9/11 trials? Are we not going to punish those responsible for killing thousands of americans?
- Torture? I guess this decision I can understand better than the others. We're not animals and need to treat people fairly, but where do you draw the line? How far can you go to get information that will save American lives? We need someone like Jack Bower ("24") to make these decisions I guess.
- tax $$ for abortion. -This bothers me the worst. I realize many people disagree with me on this.... but I believe there is NO reason that abortion is ok. I know all the arguments: birth defects, health risks to the mother, rape, etc. I'm not ok with abortion for any of these reasons especially for those who just do it because they don't want the child they created. I believe that God is in control and can take care of all of these situations if we just trust him. Even as I type this I'm getting more angry by the moment that I can't do anything about where my tax dollars go right now. I guess all I can do is pray....

"God, please continue to bless America, even though we're not always worthy of your blessings. Also, please guide the Obama and Biden families as they adjust to their new positions and lead them to make decisions that honor you. - Amen"


  1. I decided to research these three.. (even though I knew the reverse on the global gag rule was coming...)

    1. 9/11 trials have been postponed for 120 days so that the system put in place by the past administration can be reviewed. The order said they would be tried in federal court if the system was found to be flawed.
    2. Jack Bauer is not real. The U.S. now has to follow U.S Army Field Manual for questioning detainees. It prohibits coercion, physical abuse and waterboarding. Obama also ordered a study of interrogation methods that could be added to the Army manual.
    3. I am pro-life so I am also sad to see this possibly signed.

    No more serious...

    P.S. My Norton antivirus came up when I tried to access the link to Fox News...hmmm...

  2. Uh Oh.
    Now I'm "that guy". I'm that guy that sends out political info that's not entirely accurate.

    Thanks, my liberal friend, for helping my blog remain "fair & balanced".

  3. Shawn,

    I think your info is close enough. All of this was predicted before the election. But we Americans have fallen back into that false since of security and have only been thinking of our greedy little selves. Of course it is all Bush’s fault. He caused people to buy houses they couldn’t afford, he caused people to run up their credit cards and get in a hole they will never be able to climb out of. It’s amazing how people blame Bush for everything!
    But where is the praise for the man who has kept us safe for the 7 years? I’ll take safety over these other issues any day of the week.
    Now as far as torture goes, I support getting information from these guys by any means necessary. You have to ask yourselves what if the 911 terrorist were being held some where; would you support harsh interrogation to find out their plans? I think the majority of us would. How about the Oklahoma City Bombers? History has shown that some forms of extreme interrogation have saved lives. We also have to remember most of these detainees were caught on the battlefield shooting at American Soldiers. And no they aren’t Iraqis they are terrorist from other countries there to kill Americans. But the liberals love theses people and feel sorry for them. Let’s release them back to the Middle East so they can kill more Soldiers. Which by the way 60% have already returned to the battlefield and are trying to do just that, according to the Pentagon. The thing that really blows my mind is how the liberals are so concerned about the treatment and rights of these terrorist but don’t care one bit about the number of babies we are torturing and killing with Abortion. And like you said it’s disturbing knowing that our tax dollars are supporting this genocide the “main stream” likes to call “pro choice”. Our Country needs prayer now more than ever. Hopefully we can stay in Gods good Grace but I worry sometimes that it will run out if our Country doesn’t change its ways. Good post dude. Thanks for going outside the box and opening up some dialog on these issues. Take care…Chris

  4. How about adding "The View" to the Army Field Manual?

    Ooh, or maybe they should put Rosie in charge of interrogation.

    Lord knows if I were stuck in a room with her I'd be ripping my own toenails out.