Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Only A Matter Of Time

Well, it's only a matter of time before I get fired from job #1.

I realized today that I have achieved none of my sales goals for 2005. That's really sad. But, to make matters worse, another guy in my same position has not only reached his goals but has surpassed me the past few months. He's more than quadrupled my revenue numbers in the last quarter.

Actually I don't think I will get fired. I think everyone is aware that I tried my hardest and that the majority of his revenue has been a fluke. It's been a result of the increase in demand in the southern half of the state (all his Territory)due to the hurricanes.

I know this isn't a great journal entry. And to anyone reading it, it sounds pretty depressing, but I wanted to be sure to get this is writing that way I can look back in 2006 and hopefully this will encourage me to go even further to secure get more new business.

It also makes me wonder...
am I a sales guy who also leads worship?
Or am I a worship leader who also is in sales?
I think there's a big difference.

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