Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Sunday Setlist, September 1st 2013

I knew that making the announcement about my upcoming move would be emotionally difficult, and I was prepared for that. What I was not prepared for is how emotional the services after that would be.
Even though I tried to plan a service without any references being made to it being one of my last Sundays at Westwood, somehow every song made me think about it.
Here's what we did...

Lord Reign In Me (Brenton Brown)
Who Can Satisfy (Brooklyn Tab choir arrangement) This is one of the first songs I remember learning at Westwood when I joined there in 2001. For many years we've done this choir arrangement with the entire congregation singing along. Great memories flood my mind when I hear it.
Welcome / Announcements / Fellowship by Bro. Steve
Included special scholarship recognition for Sabrina Dodd. Congrats Sabrina!!
I Stand Amazed In The Presence (Hymn)
Jesus Messiah (Chris Tomlin)
Offertory Prayer
Choir Special: Walking With The King (Brooklyn Tab) I'd been wanting to do this song for a while and finally decided a few weeks ago to go for it. I'm glad we did. Everyone did a great job on it. I'm gonna miss that choir and orchestra.
More Precious Than Silver (Lynn DeShazo) Pulled out this classic chorus to discuss the first time I realized that real worship is not just singing, it's praying.
Message: Guest speaker: Dr. Don Hawkins
Invitation: Your Name (Paul Baloche)
Closing Chorus: Lord Reign In Me (Brenton Brown)

My favorite moments of the morning were:

  1. While singing Jesus Messiah, as we sang the bridge "All our hope is in You!" I took a moment and really enjoyed watching the church worship.
  2. Before the service, our pianist, Deb, gave me a painting she had painted for me. I love it! I've told the choir many times that sometimes they hit that perfect last note and I just want to "pull a Bugs Bunny". You know know what I mean, where I have them hold a note out and I leave my glove floating in the air while I walk off the stage.

What was your favorite part of the service you attended Sunday?

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