Thursday, September 5, 2013

Memories, Moving, And Mystery Milkshakes

My multi-career life is quickly drawing to a close.

I have had 2 jobs almost consistently since I was 18. But that streak will end in a few days.

I had my last choir rehearsal with the gang at Westwood Wednesday night. But we didn't sing a single note. Instead, they surprised me with a farewell party. It was fitting, not only because I like to eat, but also because it brought back memories. Ethan was born on a Monday in 2004. I led worship the first time as interim the following Sunday. Within a couple weeks, the choir threw us a surprise baby shower. So you could say we began and ended our time there with food.

Photo credit: Deb Ingram. Cake Credit: Deb Ingram via Edgar's Bakery.
We did eat a lot. But we also laughed a lot remembering the past 9 years.

Those memories kept coming to mind tonight as I cleaned out my office. Apparently I'm a hoarder of sample music from publishing companies. It took me multiple trips to the dumpster to get rid of all of it. But, with the help of The Lovely Kristi and both the boys, we finally got it cleaned out.

The After picture. The Before pic is not suitable for public viewing.
One of the best parts about cleaning out the office was looking through almost a decade of memories.
The Shawn Action figure. It does not include swivel arm battle grip.
This is one of my favorite things on my shelf. Back in 2004 Millie Caffee made a figurine action figure of me including my Penske logo shirt, Birkenstocks, pigeon toes, and hand on my heart as I led worship.

One of the many memorable comment cards I received over the years.
I received this comment card after wearing a Clone Trooper helmet into the service to promote our Fall Festival in 2010. I was glad to have inspired someone in such a powerful way. I'm not sure who wrote this, but I think his name starts with an "A" and ends with an "ustin Cranford".

Another memorable note from a worshiper
Unfortunately, not every note was always encouraging. But in this person's defense, he or she was right. At the time, I was trying to do too many songs. When I focused on better songs and less "filler" songs our services got better. Note: this person's name is not "Happy". I added a random sticker to protect his or her identity.

Warning: The next paragraph gets serious for a minute. One of the best parts of the night though was when we were finished cleaning up. I was overwhelmed. Having just packed up or thrown out almost 10 years worth of ministry stuff was a lot to deal with. I asked my fam to sit with me around the desk and just pray. I thanked God for the wonderful memories, friends, and ministry we'd had there. I thanked Him for blessing us in so many ways. I asked Him to continue to bless Westwood. I prayed for our future church family and ministry at Northside. I think my voice only broke with emotion a couple times. It was a powerful moment that I'll never forget.

Ok, the serious moment is over now.

After everything was packed, The Lovely Kristi headed home and the boys and I stopped for milkshakes at Sonic. I ordered a peanut butter shake. I drank it as I drove home and quickly realized there was something crunchy in it.


Now, I was aware they had a bacon shake. But I had not asked for it. So basically, I got a bacon surprise! After such an emotional night, you know what can help make things all better?
I'll tell you... surprise bacon.

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