Thursday, August 8, 2013

Free Bacon, Fun Splashing, & Wet Burgers

I took the day off work Tuesday just to have fun with the fam at our local water park, Splash Adventure. Overall we had a great day.

Our day started out GREAT! I shared this on the book of the faces....

We had a couple of "buy one get one free" coupons that we got online. So we expected that many other folks wold have them as well, making the crowd almost unbearable. We were SO wrong. There was a very small crowd today. We rarely had to stand in line on any slide. It was great.
We learned a few things that day:
1. Most humans are weird looking, myself included. The various stages of undressed humans on display at waterparks is proof of this.
2. If a 9 yr old rides "Upsurge", he will go about this high...
Ethan riding Upsurge

But if you are a 7 year old, and ride with your "more than pleasantly plump" father, you will almost touch the top...

Gavin & Shawn riding Upsurge
3. One might normally complain about the long lines at waterparks. One who would complain might want to consider how much more tiring it is to be able to walk right onto every ride. After a day with no lines, one might feel like he spent the day on a stair master.
4. It's amazing how many used band aids can be found on the ground and in the water at a water park, even with a small attendance.
5. If it begins to storm while you're at a waterpark do these 2 things.
A. Make a plan to cover your burgers and fries as you run through the rain to feed your family. Cheeseburgers are not as good when they are wet. I'm thankful the deli worker thought of that and gave me a tray to carry it on and a tray to cover it with.
B. Wait out the storm. Some of the folks with us waited it out and had the park almost to themselves for the last couple hours. I came home and took a nap. So it was still a win.
After that awesome nap, I've spent most of the evening watching Shark Week documentaries on discovery channel.
Again I'll say, overall, we've had a great day.

What have you learned at a waterpark?



  1. We went a couple of weeks ago, and I agree with everything you said. Plus tattoos. How many did you see?

  2. First, someone read my blog! and commented on it! Yea!!
    Second, we saw too many tattoos. One that was especially interesting. A woman has a tree that covered her entire back. It was huge and unnecessary. Why would anyone want a tattoo on their back anyway?

  3. Grayson and I are always trying to one-up each other with the tattoos we spot at the waterparks we frequent. And then we have to find a way to point them out to each other without being obvious about it. We're like Tattoo Spies. It's quite ridiculous. I even texted a clandestine picture of one to Jamie and Rachel a couple of weeks ago from Spring Valley Beach up in Blount Springs ... It was a ROLL TIDE tattoo. Epic.
    Katherine @ Grass Stains
    @grass_stains on Twitter