Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sunday Setlist 10-28-12

Today was a fun day (for me at least) at Westwood.

A few weeks ago, when I learned that Bro. Steve's message today would be about hell, I immediately started combing through my list of hell related worship songs. 2 seconds later, when I realized that list didn't exist, I decided to do a general worship setlist instead.

Then last Sunday, I learned that both our pianist and bass player wouldn't be at our church today. (Just to be clear, they were not out together. I know this is how rumors get started.) Our keyboardist could fill in on piano or bass but would be really tested if I asked him to play both simultaneously. So I chose to go a completely different route.

Our worship services typically include an approximately 30 voice choir, 5 person vocal praise team, 5 person praise band, and 4 person horn/wind section. But today, I gave almost all of them the morning off. Instead we had what I referred to as "Westwood unplugged".

Acoustic guitar, percussion, and vocal. That was it.

Westwood Unplugged. Photo credit to @kristigranade on Instagram.
You can follow her on instagram to learn how much she loves her husband and "I Love Lucy".
This pic is of Joseph Kinnaird on guitar, me on vocals, and Matt Wiginton on drums.

Here's what we did today:


Hallelujah (Your Love Is Amazing)


In The Sweet By & By - I'd never led this old Southern hymn before, but I knew it from my own childhood. I think I'd stayed away from it previously because I typically steer clear of songs that focus on Heaven. But since the message was on our afterlife, it seemed appropriate. A bonus was that it was a ton of fun to sing and it really seemed to engage the congregation too.

Come Thou Fount Of Every Blessing -The response from the congregation on this hymn and the next song was awesome. Talking with Joseph about it tonight, it was great to hear that he heard what I did. The congregation was singing out so loudly, that he backed off on guitar just a bit so the voices coud be heard even more.

How Great Is Our God w/ How Great Thou Art

Offertory Prayer

Special: Listen To Our Hearts - Did a semi jazzy version of this old Steven Curtis Chapman & Geoff Moore (and the distance) classic.


Invitation: I Have Decided To Follow Jesus

In The Sweet By & By

Overall our Sunday went well. People were still talking about it tonight. I think they enjoyed the sound and the song choices. But I know for sure they enjoyed that it was something different than normal.

How was your Sunday?

You can see what other churches did in their worship services today at theworshipcommunity.

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