Thursday, October 25, 2012

An Unfinished Blog Post

When I was writing about my encounter with Baywatch, I found a blog entry that I had never finished in July. It may be 4 months old, but I figure it's still worth sharing...

Here are 7 things overheard on the Stinson July beach vacation.
  1. "I could eat every pancake in this place" -Gavin @ Jack's in Jasper as we headed out of town.
  2. "It's a vacation miracle"- Shawn after losing his hat in the ocean, then finding it soaking wet, hours later, on a bench, in the Condo lobby.
  3. "It's a vacation miracle!"- Kristi after losing a swimsuit to the wind from our 20th floor Balcony railing, then having security check with the residents on the floors directly below us, then finding it in the grass on the opposite side of the building.
  4. "The Sea Dragon is the best ride ever."- Ethan @ Miracle Strip at Pier Park after riding said ride 8 times.
  5. "This is the best frozen yogurt ever."-Ethan @ Pier Park
  6. "I want to eat at dirty somebody's crab shack." -Kristi talking about supper plans.
  7. "Ow! My nipples are killing me." - Shawn after swimming for hours in the ocean with a tshirt on.

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