Friday, July 10, 2009

Happy Birthday To...

Today is Gavin's 3rd birthday.

Gavin is my youngest son. I'd like to tell you a little about him (plus I am writing some of these things down so I remember them later. ) Right now, he enjoys wrestling, playing with Bakugan & Transformer toys, and in general doing whatever his older brother Ethan is doing. His favorite movies are Spy Kids: 2 & 3. But we do watch a lot of recorded "Justice League" shows too. His favorite phrase is "Uh... Hmmm?" Example:"Gavin, do you have a dirty diaper?" His answer.. "Uh ....... Hmmmm?" He'll use it alot when he either doesn't know the answer, or doesn't want to tell you the answer.

He can count to ten, recognizes some letters, and has used the potty once. (But we're really working on that last one.) He hates confrontation. His answer to any stressful situation is to cry. When you ask him why he's crying he'll blame it on some old scrape he got on his knee weeks ago. (I know a certain daddy, that used to do that as a child too.) He is a cuddler and will gladly give his Mommy AND DADDY a kiss. I am so thankful God has allowed me the privilege of being his Daddy.

Happy Birthday G-Money. I love you.
(I've just realized that shirt is 3 years old too, and is still worn in heavy rotation. Might be time to shop for some new clothes. Happy Birthday goofy Wal-Mart t-shirt!)


  1. I loved feeding babies. Isn't amazing how early they learn to make excuses for not doing something. We'll tell JR to pick up toys and he will tell us he's cold.

  2. Happy Birthday, Gavin! Shawn, got your facebook message - that was hilarious! I giggled and could just hear you telling me the story....