Monday, December 1, 2008

Newbie Question

I still consider myself a newbie at blogging. So I have a question for all of you...

What is the appropriate way to respond to a comment someone has placed on your blog?
Do you:
1.) simply comment on you own blog as well and assume they've checked the box to received e-mail replys.
2.) Go to their most recent blog and reply to their comment on their blog?

I've seen it done both ways.
Which should I do?


  1. Both ;o)

    Just thought I'd let you know I stopped by and enjoyed your blog!

  2. Just reply on your blog. If they have goggle reader it will show up and chances are they will go back to see if you did write something back or someone else commented. And yeah they might get an e-nail also.You are doing a great job on here...Keep working on Brother Steve I read alot of Pastors blogs and it would be awesome to read some of his stuff..take care...Chris

  3. One way I like to respond is mailing a dead cat coated in honey. Is that wrong?

  4. I don't follow through G-reader, so unless I waited with baited breath I wouldn't know you commented. Kristi M always texts me her happy/angry responses :) All that being said - I would do both - kudos to Nate.