Thursday, December 11, 2008

Oh The Times They Are A Changin' ?

I'm so confused.

What year are we in right now?

Almost 2009?

Are you sure?  


Unleaded gasoline was only $1.39 in Sumiton, AL this morning.

The toy stores shelves are covered with Star Wars, Transformers, & G.I. Joes

Knight Rider & 90210 are new shows this season on TV. (Although, I'm not sure if anyone is watching. I'm not. I mean, how can you have Knight Rider without The Hoff? Come on!)


I'm gonna go ahead and buy me some parachute pants. I know they'll be coming around again soon too.


  1. I'm actually wearing high top reeboks and made a friendship bracelet at lunch so...

  2. I am satisfied with the gas prices of the 80s but once the side ponytails come back we have gone too far!

  3. I wear side ponytails a lot...

  4. 1. I'm pretty sure that they don't make parachute pants in "husky"
    2. The best watch that I have ever had was a Swatch. It lasted 6 years. 7th grade through 11th grade. I want another Swatch.
    3. I would really like to have another Coke shirt. Some of you know what I'm talking about. Some of you think that I did drugs.
    4. I went looking for a skate board like a used to have. A Vision Psycho Stik. Old school huge. $250. Crap.

  5. When you get those pants, you better post a picture :)