Monday, November 17, 2008

Builder Article - Dec 2008

Each month we mail out a church newsletter called "The Builder".
Here's my article for December..

I’ve been asking God to answer a question for me recently. What is my job here at Westwood? That may seem like a question that is easily answered. My job title says I’m the “Minister of Music & Worship Arts.” What does that mean exactly? It sure sounds fancy, doesn’t it? It’s interesting to see the titles that churches place on staff members that are in my same position. Here’s a few of the titles I’ve seen in recent weeks... Minister of Music, Music Minister, Minister of Worship, Worship Leader, and even Lead Worshipper. But what do all of those really mean? Some might say that the person in my position is responsible for picking and leading the songs used in worship. God has been reminding me recently that it’s so much more than that. He’s been showing me that I’m called to draw attention to him and help others see reasons that He is worthy of praise and worship. But, I’ve also realized, aren’t all Christians called to do this? Isn’t this something we can all do everyday in our own lives? While we may not all be leading people in singing songs everywhere we go, we can all give God glory in our conversations and actions outside of our church walls. I’ve got a challenge for you this Christmas season. We all get real busy with parties and family gatherings. I challenge you to be a worship leader at each of the gatherings you go to. Don’t worry, I’m not asking you lo lead any singing. (Although I’m sure an acapella version of “O Holy Night” from you would be enjoyed by all.) I’m simply challenging you to find a way to praise God in your conversations with people at these events. I think you’ll find if you’re willing to mention God a little more often in your conversations, it becomes much easier to talk with those same people about his great gift to us, the gift of everlasting life through His son, Jesus. We may not all be called to lead singing, but I have no doubt we’re all called to lead others to worship Him.

In closing, I guess it’s time to consider a different question for next month that has come to mind. If Sunday school teachers teach, and preachers preach, what do ministers of music do? “Minist”?

Fa, La-La-La-La , La-La-La-La.

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