Saturday, June 4, 2005


1st entry ever.
Someone told me about this site ( and I had to check it out.
Did alot today, but not enough. There's just not enough hours in the day.
Overslept this morning, late for Job#1. It's just a matter of time before they realize that I am a slacker and I get canned.Got a call while at job #1 that I needed to get things ready for next week for job #2. So I had to go by there after job #1 was finished. Unfortunately I also had to stop by job #3 before heading home to get ready for a big event for tomorrow.

All of these things made me get home late which didn't go well with the wife. But she understood and expressed her unhappiness that I always make plans and just expect her to be home to take care of "the boy" while I have to be gone. She is totally correct. I take advantage of her way too much. But that leaves the question what do I say no to? Job 1,2,3, or home. I know what the answer is not. I've got to find the solution to this.

After a while she cooled off and we played with the boy for a while. He's so awesome. I love watching him learn new stuff. We played with an umbrella tonight. He laughed every time it opened up.

The wife and I also discussed our friend's situation. He was arrested recently for horrible crimes and has thrown away his entire family and life with some really really dumb decisions. Not only did he give in to some horrible temptations he also has been lying about alot of things. I'm not sure how to respond to him now. His letter from jail was like a plea for friendship, but how do I remain friends with someone who is such a monster.

But even as I write this I am reminded that I too am a monster, but in different ways.

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