Saturday, June 4, 2005

Saturday 06/04/05

what a looooong day. I had to be at job #3,(which isn't really a job, but should be) today at 5am. We had a fundraising event. Which raised more money than lst time, but not as much as I would have liked. We really need to find someone rich who will put us in their will or something.

Anyway, it was a long day, but productive. I got home after 4, and had an argument with the wife "priorities". Unfortunately she's right in everything she says. I cant wait until job #3 is no longer an issue.

We also went to eat at our favorite restaurant, Perico's then we went to the mall to buy the boy some new dress shoes. I has alot of fun with him at the mall. I put him down and let him wander while followed him. The coolest things was when he walked up right in the middle of a group of four teenage girls talking. He stepped right in the middle of them and then looked up at them as if he exected them to be talking to him. I had to say "excuse me" and reach in to get him. They all laughed and waved at him. It kinda makes methink that that would have been a cool way to meet girls about 15 years ago. Man I'm getting old.

We ended the evening by going to the grandparents and letting some of the aunts and uncles play with "the boy". Everyone enjoys the tricks he'd doing right now. One of my favorites is the fact that he loudly says BURP right after anyone burps. It's awesome.


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