Wednesday, March 22, 2006

One of those days

I wonder who made up the phrase one of "those" days.

I had one of "those" days today. It started downhill when I made a sales call on a business and the receptionist was probably more rude to me than any other gatekeeper I've ever encountered.

Here's a brief script of what happened:


Shawn (S): Good morning, My name is Shawn. I'm with Penske Truck Leasing. I was in the area seeing some of my customers and thought I'd take a minute to come in, introduce myself and learn a little bit about you guys. What kind of business is this? (It was not clear what they made or manufactured by the appearance outside. I just saw a lot of strange looking machinery.)

Receptionist (R): Your're with who?

S: Penske Truck Leasing, we rent and lease trucks.

R: We don't want to buy any trucks. Have a good day. (Looking back down at her paperwork)

S: We don't sell trucks Mam. We rent them on a short term basis and lease them if you're looking for something more long term. Do you guys ever use trucks?

R: No. Do we looking like a trucking company?

S: No mam. I just meant do you use your own trucks to distribute your machinery.

R: No. We just use an outside trucking company. (Heavy Sigh) Is that all you wanted?

S: Well, yes mam. (trying to smooth an uncomfortable situation) We also rent trucks to household customers. So if you ever need a truck for personal use feel free to give me a call and I'll be glad to give you a good rate. (Handing her my card.)

R: Whatever! (throwing my card in the trash and quickly looking back at her paperwork.

S: Have a great day. (quickly exiting the building)

Believe it or not, that was not the worst call I've ever made. But it definately was the low point of my day.

I'm sure it will get better. I'm leading our first choir rehearsal in the sanctuary tonight preparing for the Easter musical. I hope no one tonight responds to any of my stage direction with "Whatever!" I might have to get Old Testament on them. Or even throw a clipboard. (props to Paul Strozier.)

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