Monday, June 22, 2009

There's An App For That

I am not an iPhone expert. But I've had one since Christmas.
Yes, I talk about her (Iris the iPhone) frequently. So people have been asking me recently what apps I like. For those of you who have your own personal Iris or are considering getting one. This blog entry is for you.

My Top 10 List of frequently used and enjoyed iPhone Apps.
(in no particular order)

1.) Say Where? - My friend Chris introduced this one to me. With the simple click of your screen you can tell you phone where you want to go (address or business name) and it gives you detailed directions via the GPS.

2.) Facebook - Gotta have access to facebook while on the road. One advantage is that this mobile version won't bog you down with goofy quizzes or farm town requests. You can choose to only see folk's status updates (a feature I miss on the facebook website.

3.) Tweetdeck - A great Twitter app. Allows you to separate the folks you follow into groups. Now if only more people I knew would twitter it would be even better. (You can follow me on twitter @cshawnstinson)

4.) The Weather Channel - The iPhone has its own weather app, but this one from the weather channel will give you satellite images. Nice feature to have when you're at the ballpark wondering when the rain's gonna pass.

5.) Mint - Financial tool. Helps me keep track of my debt (and cash and savings if I had any)

6.) Flixster - Quick access to Movie reviews, trailers, and local showtimes.

7.) Bible - Youversion - Numerous searchable translations of the bible.

8.) Pandora - portable music of any style. Simply type in an artist or song name and it creates a channel just for you.

9.) Evernote - I'm still learning this one, but so far I like it. A great reminder tool. You can write a note, take a pic, or record a voice note.

10.) Shozu - Another new one I'm still figuring out but love so far. Quick upload of pics or text to your favorite websites. Example. I can take a pic and upload it once and it will post to my blog, my facebook and flickr. Definitely a time saver.

Honorable mentions... Ebay, Google reader, & Phone flix.
And I didn't even include any games.

What apps are you using?


  1. I just got my new lil' "Iris" so I really love the recs! I downloaded Allrecipes which lets you pick cuisine type. ingredients and time to cook - shake and then it recommends. I already used the site on the web, so this will make it easier when I pretend to possibly cook something.

    I also downloaded a free Speed card game, because I'm obsessed with it in real-life so why not in traffic?

  2. Shawn I have a long list and these are just half the apps I downloaded. I spend alot of time at Barnes and Noble looking at Iphone mags.

    Cool Iphone apps

    Handy apps

    Ebay (check on your auctions, searh..ect)

    MySpace( update status, comment, see photos and blogs without the backgrounds and pop ups)

    Ifood (gives recipes cal count and where to buy ingredients)

    Urban spoon (Finds local restaurants according to price and type food)

    Around Me (tells you where the closet gas station, coffee house..ect)

    Snap Tell (take a picture of a book, DVD, cd and it will find it on the internet and let you know where to buy it)

    Flashlight (good tool for power outages)

    Restaurants (list most popular restaurants, lets you know where located and gives nutrition info for menu)

    Lose it! (good weight loss tool, tracks progress, exercise and diet)

    Night Stand ( Cool app acts as an old school alarm clock)


    Ibowl (just like the wii bowling, make sure to keep a good grip on your phone though)

    Space Ace (Just like the arcade)

    Flight control (Be an air traffic controller)

    Galaga (just like the arcade)

    Pac Man

    LED Football2 (classic old school handheld football game)

    PingPong (very cool ping pong sim)


    Flixster ( tells you what’s playing at your local rave/ drive in, Give reviews and play trailers)

    Eonline (plays clips from your favorite E shows like the Soup)

    Shazam (will listen to a song and give you the artist and title and even send you to you tube or Itunes to buy it)

    iTV (tells whats on tv)


    Kindle (good book reader from amazon, a lot of free book out there too)

    Classics ( classic books like Huck Finn, Alice in wonderland, treasure island..all at your fingertips)

    Shakespeare (All of his plays in one app!)

    Photo fun

    Photogene (lets you cut, edit, frame and add text to your pics..great app!)

    Frames (have fun with your pics, add backrounds, props and more)