Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Saturday, In The Park...

This past Saturday was one of those day I'll always remember.
Lots of great memories created that day.

It's rained for most of Ethan's first game, but the coaches decided to go ahead and play anyway so we wouldn't have to schedule a makeup game. The boys playing loved it. They all got real muddy and had fun getting to slide around in the mud. Ethan especially loved it because he saw an improvement in his hitting. Both Ethan and cousin Will had a blast. Here is a pic of Ethan heading from 3rd to home plate.

Gavin & cousin Nichols, they had a whole different kind of fun. Nicholas quickly discovered that rain + dirt = mud holes. It didn't take too long for Nicholas to convince Gavin to join in the mud stomping fun. Rather than try to convince them to stay out of the mud, we decided to just let them go for it. It was a lot of fun, but still, I hope it doesn't rain again this Saturday.

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  1. Might want to start keeping baby wipes, a change of clothes and trash bags in you car..I can still remember those days. I still like to get in the mud and get dirty but now that I have to clean it up it's lost its appeal