Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Man! Oh Man!

I just overheard someone down the hall say the following about me to someone else...
"I don’t handle our flatbed trucks. All of that’s handled by another MAN here in the office. His name is Shawn Stinson."
Is it weird that being bescribed as a "man" is a little uncomfortable to me. Now I’m not talking about "man" meaning manly man, hetero sexual, macho. I have no doubt I’m that kind of man. I’m talking about man meaning "ADULT male". It sounds so responsible, so mature.
Yes, I’m 33 years old. Yes, I have two children. Yes, I have two jobs, a home and two cars. But that does really make me an adult? I don’t know why I’m weirded out by that. (Should a man say "weirded out"?) I’m not sure what word I’d be more comfortable with. Boy = no, Guy = okay, dude = yes, but not everyone can say dude. Can you imagine your grandmother saying something about that Dude that led worship at church Sunday. I don’t think so.
Having thought about it some more. I think I’m okay with being called a man. I can remember my Dad when he was 33. He was definately a man at this age. I guess I’m just waiting for the day when all my interests turn to the things that the men I watched growing up were interested in such as sports, working on cars, and fishing. For now I think I’ll stick with my video games and geeky movies. (Have I mentioned "G.I. Joe" is coming out in summer of 2009. I’m way more excited about this than a 33 year old MAN should be.)

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