Friday, January 4, 2008

Maximum Capacity

Well, I've done it. I've reached maximum capacity.

A couple weeks before Christmas I weighed 329 lbs. (Gasp!) fully clothed. And I've had enough. It's time to start losing weight. I've never had much problem losing weight when I decided to. (I haven't decided to many times in my life as is obvious.)

My weight gain has been gradual but consistent over the years. Here are some landmarks:

Beginning of Senior Year of High School 1992 : 230 lbs

End of Senior Year of High School 1993: 240 lbs

End of Freshman years of College (my freshman years lasted approx 3 years): 260lbs

Marriage 1998: 275 lbs (people would hear how much I weighed and they'd say "you carry it well", or "there's no way". I don't hear those kind of comments anymore.)

1st Child Born 2004: 290 lbs

2nd Child Born 2006: 310

Jan 2008 Maximum Capacity: 329 lbs.

If I continue to put on 100 lbs every 15 years I will weigh 582 lbs when I'm 70 years old (Ha! Like I'm going to reach 70)

Don't get me wrong this is not a pity party or anything. This isn't even about how I look. It's about wanting to be in better shape for my kids. So the good news is in the past 3 weeks I've lost 9 lbs. My immediate goal is to lose 30 lbs. Then another 30. Then we'll just see how it goes from there. I don't really want to end up like one of those "biggest loser" winners with all the extra skin that needs to be cut off. That's just gross. I just want to be able to play in the yard without getting winded.

Anyway, I guess a blog should also be educational so here's a top 10 list for you.

First for those of you who need to put on weight..

Shawny's top 10 tips to reach Maximum Capacity.

1.) Breakfast: 1 large bowl of Cookie Crisps with 2% mik.

2.) Lunch: McDonalds Southern Chicken sandwich meal & 1 double cheeseburger. (Coke to drink. Not diet!)

3.) Midafternoon (3pm) snack: two chocolate fudge poptarts and a large glass of milk.

4.) Dinner: Large plate of whatever is offered. (maybe 2 plates)

5.) Late night (midnight) snack: See breakfast

6.) Playstation 2

7.) A job that doesn't require me to move from my desk.

8.) Throughout the day, 2 or 3 20oz Dr. Pepper's

9.) Never say no to icecream.

10,) A complete lack of anything that requires physical exertion.

So, if any of you need any 3x shirts, I've got a couple I won't need very soon. Just let me know.

-Shawny (The Incredible Bulk)

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