Thursday, January 10, 2013

A Conversation With Myself, AKA Taco Bell And The Big 'Un

A conversation with myself that I had today. (Written late on the night of 01/09/13)

Shawn - This is the Shawn you know. His thoughts get filtered before you hear them come out of his mouth. 
Self – This is the internal Shawn that very few of you know. The mesh in his filter is torn and well, it don’t work so good. 

7am – While driving to work. 
Shawn: Self, we’re going to eat healthy today, right. I’m mean, look at us. It’s time to get it back in gear like we did a few years ago. 
Self: Yeah. Sure. Whatever. 

9:30pm -  While driving home from church 
Shawn: Self, we did pretty good today, right? We ate less than 1700 calories all day and drank plenty of water too. Maybe we'll even get on the treadmill for a mile or 2 when we get home? 
Self: You do see that Taco Bell sign ahead, don’t you. 
Shawn: Yeah, I see it. I’m trying to ignore it.
Self: You know a taco doesn’t really have many calories.

Shawn: I know but we’re agreed to not eat after 8pm anymore, didn’t we. 
Self: But, it’s a church night. Doesn’t that make a difference? 
Shawn: I don’t know, man. I mean we did stay out later and didn’t really eat much supper before church. Maybe a chicken soft taco or 2 wouldn’t hurt. 
Self: Exactly. I’m glad you see it my way. Do you remember how tasty that XXL burrito we had last week was. What if we got that instead?

Shawn: But that’s like 800 calories or something crazy like that, isn’t it? 
Self: I’ve got one word for you...Tasty 
Shawn:  Ok, fine. 1 XXL Burrito...and a diet coke. That will even it out and make it ok won’t it? 
Self: Yeah sure. You go ahead and think that, Big ’un.
A few minutes later after having received the food – 
Shawn: Hey wait a minute. They also put a chicken quesadilla in here. We didn’t order this! 
Self: Woo hoo! A freebee! Gotta love it. 
Shawn: I guess we’ll just throw it away. We really don’t need th... 
Self: (With a full mouth.) Shut up dude. I’m trying to eat.

Things will be different today I’m sure.
Self: (whispering in the background) Yeah. Sure. Whatever.

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  1. Haha - this is hilarious. I have VERY similar conversations with myself. I simply can not resist taco bell! I haven't tried that XXL burrito yet though....