Thursday, January 26, 2012

Why The Beard?

I haven't shaved since Dec 31st.
There's no real reason why. It's not "no shave January" or anything like that. I've just gotten up each day, considered shaving, and thought "Nah, not today."

Richard, the music assistant at church, told me last night that people were starting to ask him if I was growing a beard for our Easter musical. We're already working on the songs, but I haven't yet let anyone know what the musical will look like. Drama? Narrators? Video? The answer will be announced next week.

I will say, I am not growing a beard for our Easter musical.
But I told him to tell anyone that asked....
He is growing a beard for the musical.
He's gonna play Jesus."

Because we really haven't seen a good overweight portrayal of Jesus recently.
I'm mean Jesus was sinless, but is gluttony really a sin?...

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