Friday, November 18, 2011

My Son, The Celebrity

This picture was in our local newspaper today.
It's cool to see my son get this media attention.
But I gotta I'm worried.

I know how this goes.
We've all seen it before.

It begins with a little exposure to the public.Before you know it, he's dating a Kardashian and being harassed by TMZ. I pray that this celebrity status doesn't go to his head. But if it does...

Ethan, your dear mother and I love you. We hope you'll remember us during your 15 minutes of fame. When the bright lights and big city are calling you, keep in mind these words: People are only out for themselves. Don't let anyone use or take advantage of you in any way. Also, please plug my blog every chance you get. I need more people to like talesfromstreetroad on Facebook. But mostly, remember the thing about not letting people take advantage.

Ok, seriously now.
I was surprised to see you in the paper today.
That's awesome and you're super cool.
Love you dude!

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