Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Well I'm Proud To Be An American, Where At Least I Know...

I voted yesterday in the Republican primary runoff in the great state of Alabama. In my wonderful little rural community, we vote at the local volunteer fire department. Here are just a few of the interesting things I may have heard while I was there...

1.) This made me agree with doing voter recounts.
Voter: "I forgot my purse. Do I really need my ID?"
Worker: "You're Sherry's daughter, right?"
Voter: "Yes Mam."
Worker: "Nah, I know you. Come on and vote, sugar."

2.) This made me doubt the democratic voting process as a whole
"I could never vote for someone named Twinkle. Don't matter what they're running for!"

3.) This just made me laugh.
"Don't vote for Byrne. He's against teachers, so he'll lose. You just don't mess with the AEA, Dang it!"

One last concern of mine: I voted for Bentley
He looks like this.

Unfortunately, I've never seen him and Montgomery Burns together in the same room, so I'm not completely convinced that they're not the same person.. Am I the only one who thinks this? Surely not.


  1. 2. I didn't vote for Twinkle for the very same reason.

    Holy crap he does look like Mr. Burns. He was also my gynecologist once. Once.

  2. These stories should go in the Sipsey town newsletter. I'm guessing it's written on a piece of firewood and passed from house to house.